Sittin’ In The Garden

Sittin’ In The Garden
Digital Album
Artist: Eric Relph
Released: 1982 (copyright 1982 Hallomai Music BMI/CCLI)


Track Play Song Title Download
1 Saved From the Fire Download
2 He Walked the Water Download
3 Rise Download
4 Brother John Download
5 Holdin' On Download
6 Sittin' In the Garden Download
7 When Words Are Gone Download
8 Halleluiah Download
9 Love is Around Download

Vocals – Eric Relph
Vocal Harmonies – Bill Manassero & Mike Rosato
Guitars – Eric Relph
Strings – Eric Relph
Rythym Guitar on “Holdin’ On”, “Saved From the Fire” and “He Walked the Water” – Bill Manassero
Bass – Mike Rosato
Drums – Tony “Pasta Man” Muro
Bass on “Brother John” and “Holdin’ On” – Beau Mead
Produced by Eric Relph
Recorded in 1982

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