I Cry Out

I Cry Out
Digital Album
Artist: Eric Relph
Released: 2001 (copyright 2001 Hallomai Music BMI/CCLI)


Track Play Song Title Download
1 I Cry Out Download
2 I Bow Down Download
3 My Lord In Heaven Download
4 Open the Gates Download
5 Jesus Fire Download
6 Greater is He Download
7 My King Download
8 Strong & Courageous Download
9 Rise In the Morning Download
10 Jesus is Alive Download

“My King” written by Cheri Relph.  “I Cry Out” written by Cheri Relph (with secondary writing credit to Eric Relph).  All other tracks written by Eric Relph.
Produced by Eric Relph
Vocals – Eric Relph & Cheri Relph
Guitar – Eric Relph
Bass – Corey Ray
Drums – Mike Hagerty Jr.
Guitar on “My King” – Marc Cooper (The first song Cheri ever wrote)
Lead guitar on “Strong and Courageous” and “Open the Gates” – Frank DiSalvo
Harmonica – Jim Cash
Violin – Circe Adena
Recorded in 2001

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