Commanded Blessing

Commanded Blessing
Digital Album
Artist: Eric Relph
Released: 2000 (copyright 2000 Hallomai Music BMI/CCLI)


Track Play Song Title Download
1 In the RIver Download
2 Walk With Me Download
3 We Are Your Harvest Download
4 Holy Jesus/You Are Download
5 Love of My Life/Hold Me Download
6 We Lift You Up Download
7 Commanded Blessing Download

Guitars – Eric Relph
Vocals – Eric Relph
Vocal harmony on “We Lift You Up” – Cheri Relph
Synth on “Hold Me”- Cheri Relph
Keys – James Gabriel
Drums – Mike Hagerty Jr.
Bass – Corey Ray
Lead Guitar on “We Lift You Up” and “Commanded Blessing” – Rick Hill
Lead Guitar on “Walk With Me” – Marc Cooper
Sax/Flute – Jon Gartman
Harmonica – Jim Cash
Vocals on “Walk With Me”, “You are” and “Hold Me” – Myriah Grubs
Vocals on “Love of My Life” – Kathy Vallotton
Vocals on “We Are Your Harvest” – Jenn Johnson
Vocals on “In the River”, “We Lift You Up” and “Commanded Blessing” – Natalie Simpson
Vocals on “We Are Your Harvest” – Pam Jackson
Recorded in 2000

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